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Pool Rules

All of the Ocean Lakes Common areas are for the use of all residents in good standing and their guests. These rules are intended to help promote a family-oriented environment for the enjoyment of all patrons. Modification of these rules may be made in the sole discretion of the Board of Directors or their designated representative.


A. A community pass application must be completed prior to pass issuance.

B. Passes will be issued to either owners or lessees, not both. Lessees must present a copy of a current valid lease at the time of pass issuance.

C. Passes will be issued during normal office hours of 9am - 5pm M-F at the management office located 1718 Wellsford Drive adjacent to the Wellsford Pool. In some instances, pass issuance turn around time can take up to 48 business hours.

D. Proof of residency must be provided. Lessee must provide copy of rental agreement.

E. All passes are the property of Ocean Lakes Community Association and pass privileges may be withdrawn in accordance with Common Area Rules.

F. Passes are good from year to year and SHOULD NOT BE THROWN AWAY. Passes must be validated, in the Wellsford office, each year in order to ensure that the pass holder is still a resident of Ocean Lakes and in good standing.

G. Initial issue of passes for new residents will be at no charge. Passes will be issued to residents who are age six (6) or older.

H. Lost or stolen passes may be replaced at a charge of $5 per pass.

I. Mutilated or difficult to read passes will be replaced at no charge, provided the old pass is produced at the time the replacement pass is ordered.


Guests and care-givers of residents in good standing may use the facilities. Guest passes are issued as follows:

A. All guest cards must be purchased at the management office during business hours.
Daily rate per guest: $2.00
Daily punch card: 5 guests/visits $7.50 or 10 guests/visits $15.00
Weekly card: $20; good for unlimited visits for up to 5 persons for 7 consecutive days from the date of issue.
Children under age 6 are free.

B. Guests must be accompanied by a resident or they must be in possession of the resident’s pass.

C. Property owners are responsible for all guests.


A. Residents of OLCA bringing non-resident children:
- Children are treated as guests

B. Residents of OLCA bringing other resident children:
- Children are treated as residents. The provider must be in possession of the child’s pass (if age 6 or older)

C. Non-Residents of OLCA bringing resident children:
- May attend as a guest (guest rules apply)
- Provider must be in possession of the guardian’s pass or the child’s pass (if age 6 or older)


Wellsford – Closed Wednesday
- 1:00PM to 9:00PM Daily

DaVinci – Closed Tuesday
- 11:00AM to 7:00PM Daily

Hecate – Closed Thursday
- 10:00AM to 6PM Daily

**Pool hours are subject to change. Weather conditions may cause pools to
open late or close early.

Due to liability issues, OLCA pools will not be available for private pool parties/use.


1. ALCOHOL: ALL alcoholic beverages are prohibited within or around any common area.

2. DRUGS: Illegal drugs are prohibited within or around any common area.

3. LANGUAGE: Profanity, abusive language, or other actions deemed to be not acceptable are prohibited within or around all common areas.

4. WEAPONS: ALL weapons, or items generally considered as weapons, are prohibited within or around all common areas.

5. LOITERING: Loitering is prohibited within or around any common area.

6. DAMAGE: Any damage caused by the actions of any patron, whether deliberate or otherwise, will be primarily the responsibility of the property owner of record and the individual causing such damage.

7. DICIPLINE: The Board of Directors has authorized the association manager to suspend person(s) in violation of these rules. The maximum suspension, without Board approval is 7 days. The Board of Directors may suspend persons for longer periods as warranted. VA Code 55-513 applies.

8. PERSONAL PROPERTY: OLCA is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property.

9. RIGHT OF USAGE: All members, guests, and lessees may use the common area facilities, in accordance with all rules & regulations, provided that all assessments are current and there isn’t any current suspension being imposed.

10. RISK: All patrons using any OLCA common area facility do so at their own risk. OLCA assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury.

11. SUPERVISION: The Board of Directors has authorized the association manager to oversee the daily operations of all facilities and to make decisions, as necessary, to help ensure the safety, well being & enjoyment of all patrons. The facilities are supervised as follows:
- Pools: The entire pool area is under the direct supervision of the Lifeguard staff.
- Other Common Areas: The open areas, including but not limited to, basketball courts, tennis courts & playgrounds are to be used at the patrons own risk. There is not any direct supervision.


12. All persons must sign in and passes must be surrendered to the lifeguard gate attendant upon entry to the pool area. Passes must be picked up when leaving the pool. OLCA & lifeguard staff is not responsible for passes left at the pool after the patron leaves.

13. All persons must be in possession of a valid pass upon requesting entry to the pool.

14. All property assessments must be current in order to gain access to the pools.

15. No monies will be collected at the pools. Any account balance or guest passes must be paid in full to the management office prior to gaining entrance to the pools.

16. Children under age twelve (12) must be accompanied by a responsible person age eighteen (18) or older.

17. Persons with skin infections, ear discharge, pink eye, open wounds, oozing sores, or contagious diseases will not be permitted use of the pool.

18. Children who are not toilet trained must wear rubber pants over diapers.

19. SHOWERS: Prior to entering the pool water, each patron is required to rinse off under the showers provided.

20. ADULT SWIM: There will be a ten (10) minute ADULT swim every 50 minutes. During the adult swim, all children must exit the main pool water. Exception: A maximum of two (2) children, two (2) or less years of age, may accompany an adult in the pool during adult swim. Adults are those 18 years and older. At the discretion of the lifeguard, adult swim may be called at a quarter to the hour in order to give time to clear the pool.

21. CLOTHING: Cutoff or frayed attire is prohibited within the pool water. All persons must be clothed in attire which is not deemed to be offensive or contrary to the family-oriented environment of the common areas; this is to include thong swimwear. This shall be at the sole discretion of the association manager or lifeguard staff.

22. FOOD: Food may be consumed in the picnic area only. Individuals must clean the entire picnic area after use.

23. FURNITURE: Pool furniture may only be used on the deck surrounding the pool water.

24. GLASS: Glass or any other breakable item is prohibited within the pool area.

25. PETS: All pets, or other animals, are prohibited within the pool area unless guiding a legally impaired person.

26. RADIOS: Radios and other sound systems are allowed if the sound level does not cause a safety hazard or nuisance to other patrons, as determined by the lifeguards.

27. SMOKING: Smoking on the pool deck, in the pool picnic area, inside the clubhouse or anywhere inside the fenced in pool area is prohibited.

28. SPITTING: Spitting, spouting water, nose blowing, urinating, defecating or any other action deemed to be a safety/health hazard or a nuisance to other patrons is prohibited.

29. GAMES: Water games are allowed if they do not cause a safety hazard or nuisance to other patrons. Lifeguards have absolute discretion based upon safety or other concerns.

30. ROUGH PLAY: Running, diving & rough play deemed to cause an unsafe condition are prohibited within the pool area.

31. TOYS: Hard objects such as boogie boards, surfboards, baseballs, etc. are prohibited within the pool area. Lifeguards or the association manager have the authority over what objects are not allowed.

32. WADING POOL: ONLY children five (5) or less years of age or forty-eight (48) or less inches tall are allowed in the wading pool. All children in the wading pool must be accompanied and supervised by someone at least 18 years of age or older.

33. TELEPHONE: The telephone, in the clubhouse and at the lifeguard’s desk, is for emergency and official business only. Calls must be limited to these uses, and permission must be obtained from the lifeguards prior to use.

34. INCLEMENT WEATHER: The pools may be closed due to the threat of inclement weather, health concerns, maintenance or any other reason which may pose a threat to safety, health or damage to the facility. Such action shall be at the sole discretion of the lifeguards or association manager..

Revised 2010 – Adopted by the Board of Directors 4/2010

I have read, understand and agree to follow the
I also agree to review these rules with any minor children, for whom I am responsible,
who may attend the pool in my absence.
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